• Welcome to the wolds biggest minibottle gallery

    ..and maybe also the only one? We deliver experienced and professional help for all kinds of partys, conferences and events!
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Welcome to the largest mini bottle gallery in the world!

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..and maybe the only one?

Weddings, christmas parties, courses, conferences, conventions, kickoffs, launches and celebrations. We can assist in every setting!

Open for the public saturdays and sundays from 12 to 16  (see opening hours) and by request. Reach out to us by phone +47 23 35 79 60 or by email post@minibottlegallery.com


Our inspiring premises are suitable for seminars, conferences and other social events

Much is possible at The Mini Bottle Gallery. Socializing, meeting and general meeting, press conferences, dinner w / or without guided tour, breakfast meetings, industry seminars, product launches etc.


We tailor your Conference!




We know how to throw a party!

Our unique premises provides a special mood for your event.

Wedding, Birthday, friends for dinner, Office or Christmas party, we supply a party you will never forget.

From 15 to 350 people.


Or how about a guided tour in  The Minibottle Universe before dinner?


The Mini Bottle Universe

The Mini Bottle Gallery is one of a kind

With  3 floors and 1500m2 The Mini Bottle Gallery offers plenty of space and takes up to 200 people on each floor. The gallery consists of several zones and rooms for dining. The Liqueur Room, The World, The Mini Bar, and of course The Ringnes Beer Hall with it`s slide & horror cabinet, to name a few ... This allows us to keep most types of events and parties, large or small.

You can find us in Oslo city center , with all the  advantages such as transport and accessibility.


Take a look at our mini bottle paradise:


Liqueur's Room

Here we cover the full dinner for up to 90 people, or a board meeting for 15 to 25 people. Liqueur's Room is also used often by mingling dinners, then with buffèservering.

Liqueur´s Room is equipped with regard to audiovisual facilities. Your PC is of course easy to connect. Film and photos displayed via projector on the big screen, with Bose sound system, which with its unique quality ensures sound reproduction. A popular chambre séparée to both meeting and dinner.



The Mini Bar

The Mini Bar

Perfect for smaller parties that only want bar & dance, apetizers, or to serve a coffee & avec by the fireplace after dining.
This is also where "Friday Pilsen" keep house, and it is from here you enter the museum on Saturdays & Sundays


The Tower

The Tower

Oslo's most secret chamber separée! Suitable for a discreet meeting, family dinner or Christmas!

Projector & screen is in place in addition to good sound, in this charming, little secluded room on the 3 floor ...



The World

"The World" , banqueting hall

Our largest conference room with a stage, can also be used for dinner and dancing! Dining for 70 people in our banqueting hall are not unusual. On request our  DJ will transform "The World" to  your private nightspot with cocktails and drinks from The Cocktail Bar

"The World" is well equipped for audiovisual facilitiesand your PC is of course easy to connect. Film and photos are displayed via projector on  screen, with Bose sound system

Cinema setting: max 90 people

Dinner: max 70 people

Mingle & dance: max 200 people



Ringnes Beerhall

Ringnes Beerhall

In this classic brown and intimate atmosphere there is seating for 20 people. The Beer Hall is found by taking the slide down into the basement, and the room was built with the purpose of that bottle King will spend his old age here. Very popular room in the Christmas season!


Our good Neighbour



Statholdergaarden Restaurant delivers all food & service!


Request a quote for your event!


Our unique space is well suited for both business and meetings and conferences.

Much is possible at The Mini Bottle Gallery. .... Board Meeting and General Meeting, Press Conference, 30-, 40-, 50-, 60-, 70-, 80-, and 90- year lag. Family Dinner, working lunch, no occasion is too small!

We help you to tailor your event!





Be om tilbud

The Gallery

The Mini Bottle Gallery holds the largest collection of miniature bottles.

Of the museum's total of 53,000 bottles, 12,500 is exhibited in over 50 unique installations.
The museum has 1500 m2 with an exhibition area spread over 3 floors. Our magic museum is open to the public Saturdays and Sundays (see opening times)
40,500 vials are tightly guarded in bottle vault (Benny safety deposit box Tel: 98476800).

See traveler museum under







Statholdergaarden supplying all food & service!

Bent Stiansen won World cuisine, Bocuse d'Or, in 1993. Since then he and his team run Statholdergaarden forward to becoming one of Oslo´s and Norway's best restaurants. The cuisine is based on the best European traditions and draws inspiration from around the world. Restaurant Statholdergaarden has one star in the Michelin Guide.



About "The Mini Bottle Gallery"


Småflaskekonge og grunnlegger av The Mini Bottle Gallery: Christian Ringnes



King of Minibottles

Christian was 7 years old when he began collecting miniature bottles after receiving a half empty bottle as a gift from his father. His interest in bottles probably stems from his great grandfather who established venerable Ringnes brewery in 1877.


Christian Ringnes Sr. had also regularly with miniature bottles of their business trips abroad, so that Christian Jr. received an expanded collection.


Boy room was duly sketched up (1971), and the collection was likewise registered in Small Bottle book for Ivar Aasen Route 28 and in Christian's notebook, and is today one of the museum's dearest possessions.



The collection continued into the marriage, and his wife Denise were understandably unhappy about all miniature bottles Christian insisted should adorn the couple's first apartment. That day an 'accident' occurred, and shelves slid down from the wall says that Denise smiled a little extra ... The bottles were packed away, but in a later call to acquire a hobby, he decided to make the dream a reality .


In 1996 Christian Ringnes purchased Kirkegaten 10, in the heart of Oslo`s museum district.


The planning of the museum began in spring 2000 and opened its doors in May 2003.

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Magda, Småflaskeprinsessen


The Jon; Småflaskeprins, hovmester & guide

May, ambulerende servitør & guide


Svetlana, servitør

Eivind, servitør & guide

Hoppende glade Helga, musemsvakt, guide og servitør.


Lag din egen invitasjon Spør oss gjerne om «flaskepost» for sending av invitasjon, og om du ønsker å benytte deg av vår morsomme logo kan du kopiere den herfra. Det å lage sin egen personlige invitasjon setter en spiss på arrangementet. Om du har en firmalogo eller bare ønsker å sette ditt personlige preg på invitasjonen.   Last ned logo: her
Se eksempler For å gi din invitasjon det lille ektra så kan du finne eksempler og inspirasjon fra hva andre har gjort på denne siden.   Eksempel nr 1: Formuesforvaltning invitasjon til Småflaskemuseet Eksempel nr 2: Sten og Strøm nyttårsfest Eksempel nr 3: Firmafest Eksempel nr 4: Lanseringsfest

Contact us


The Minibottle Gallery A/S
Kirkegaten 10
0153  Oslo

Contact us

Email: post@minibottlegallery.com
Tlf:     +47 23 35 79 60


Bus 60 to "Bankplassen" station
Tramway 10,12,13,15 and 19 to "Kongens Gt." station
Subway to "Stortinget" or "Jernbanetorget" station.

 A novelty, and still new to most, in the heart of Oslo!

Opening hours

Opening hours 

THE GALLERY: SATURDAYS 12:00 – 16:00 SUNDAYS 12:00 – 16:00     Tickets: ADULTS : NOK 85, CHILDREN : NOK 35   AFTERWORK IN THE MINI BAR : FRIDAYS from 16pm to 21pm (August – November)
  • Last Afterwork this year is 9th November

Private tourdinner & events

We do guided tours and parties on request, and will answer your questions every day within office hours


A guided tour in The Mini Bottle Universe takes about 45 minutes and can be offered independently of dining.

The tour does best in groups of max 30 people, but we have custom options for larger groups.

A visit to The Mini Bottle Gallery starts of course with a glass of bubbles in your hand, and maybe there will be some mini bottles along the way ..






Lunch and meetings

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Freshly rolls and butter Jarlsberg cheese, parma ham, mayonnaise, homemade pate, pickled cucumber scrambled eggs dipped berries, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers

Lunh & dayevents

Fruktfat brownies Baguette with Parma Ham and Jarlsberg Baguette with Skagen eggs and Limfjordcaviar Cesarsalat with warm chicken, crispy bacon and croutons in a creamy parmesan dressing. Bread and butter Club sandwich with chicken breast and fries steak Sandwich Roastbeef with Danish remoulade and crispy onion Sandwiches with smoked salmon and fluffy scrambled eggs

Todays lunch

Usually hot dish of Statholdergaarden. Seasonal plates by the chef´s mood!


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Vintermenu 2017

Menu 1A

Cold Smoked, nut marinated salmon served with salmon roe, dill cream, crispy rye and avocado
Confit of duck served with celery apple puree, spinach and shallot sauce celerycrudité
Chocolate fondant served with passion fruit sorbet and black currant sauce

Menu 2A

Oksetartar with beets, onions and pickled cucumber served with "Pepperrotsnø", crispy kale and chiveemultion
Toasted ling served with broccoli cream, cabbage, pickled red onions - Mussels Sauce

Lemon tart with meringue served with chocolate ice cream and raspberry sauce

Menu 3F (Parties)

The menu of Restaurant Statholdergaarden. Bent Stiansen composes every day a menu based on the best ingredients the season has to offer. This served as 3, 4, 5 or 6 courses and always consists of:

1. Appetizer with fish and shellfish
2. Small soup with shellfish
3. Small fish dish
4. Meat entree
5. Assorted cheeses
6. Dessert
Let yourselves be tempted to a surprising gourmet menu

Menu 5F

Soft spring roll with soy marinated salmon, cucumber and mint. Crostini with whitefish roe and dill cream. Asian skalldyrkrokett. Beef Carpaccio with Parmesan cheese and pesto. Smoked troutroll on toast with pickled cucumber and dillemulsjon. Creamy rissoni with mushrooms
Toasted ling served with black pepper baked skorsonnerot, spinach, bell pepper puree - Hollandaise
Herb Roasted rack of lamb served with browned artichoke crème, cabbage and autumn mushrooms - Rosemary Sauce
Milk Chocolate mousse and almond biscuits served with apple sorbet acid and coriander "Sponge"

Christmas Menu 2016

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Christmas Menu 1

  • Gravlaksrulade served with pickled red onions, dillemulsjon, horseradish cream and crispy rye
  • Confit of duck and duck served with red cabbage, broccoli, sugar snap peas and almond puree currant broth
  • Cloudberry Mousse and nemesis served with yogurt vanilla sorbet and daimcrunch

Christmas menu 2

  • Grilled and smoked halibut served with pickled cucumber, paprika- chili puree and stangsellericrudité and Dill Sauce
  • Roasted beef ribeye served with spinach, green beans, celery puree and cocktail tomatoes with Bearnaise sauce and red wine
  • Sjokoladebonnet and sea buckthorn sorbet garnished with mango and nut crunch

Todays menu

  • The menu of Restaurant Statholdergaarden served as 3, 4, 5 or 6 courses and always consists of:
  1. Appetizer with fish and shellfish
  2. Small soup with shellfish
  3. Small fishdish
  4. Meat main course
  5. Assorted cheeses
  6. Dessert

The great Christmas Party

  • Spices braised ribs and puffed rind served with cauliflower, peas, spinach and potatoes puma, with red wine hoisin
  • Traditional lutefisk served with bacon, pea puree with Ringerike potatoes, mustard sauce and griddle
  • Western Norwegian lamb ribs served with Rotmo, Ringerike potatoes and gravy


  • Ris à la mande, Danish rice pudding with warm cherry sauce

Christmas Lunch

Christmas Lunch

Contact us with your request

Tapas and fingerfood

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Tapas and fingerfood

Menu 7B, Finger food buffet

(Perfect for reception and mingle hits, when only a small bite is required) Assorted mouthfuls of Statholdergaarden fitting well with champagne - 5 pieces per personFinger food hot & cold dishes 20 pieces per person - Petits four and homemade chocolates 4 pieces per person

Menu 8B, Snacksmenu

( A little rougher variant than finger food - Goes to all) Mini Pizza with pepperoni - Asian spring rolls with hoisin sauce - Cured with melon - Toast with tomato salad - Crostini with truffle scrambled eggs - Vegetable Poles with herbal dips - tempered onion tarts

Menu 10B, Spanish tapas buffet

(can be served as sharing at the table, or from the buffet) Pinxos with crab salad - Pinxos with pickled peppers - Pinxos with shrimp, egg and chili mayonnaise - Pinxos with plum tomato salad and baslikum - Spanish cured with melon - Gazpacho, Spanish cold tomato soup - Tortilla, Spanish potato omelette - Toast with pickled mushrooms and onions - fried calamares with lemon mayonnaise - Chili and garlic fried gambas with cherry tomatoes - Herb roasted chicken wings - Albondigas, spicy meatballs in tomato sauce - baked - Amadine potatoes served with aioli - Spanish mangego with pickled Picillo


Crema Catalane: vanilla cream caramelized with orange caramel and served with raspberry sorbet

Midnight snacks

Midnight snacks

Sometimes there is a need for midnight snacks…)

Sausages with shrimp salad, fried onions, mustard and ketchup. All you can eat!

Contact us

Contact us